CoastalMister 55 Gallon Digital w/On/Off/Mist Remote & Cover
A Misting System innovator CoastalMister offers you a two year warranty on your automatic fly spray system.
Each CoastalMister™ system consists of a durable black 55 gallon drum or 125 gallon tank, on the top of which is mounted a high pressure pump, pressure manifold and gauge, ½ horsepower electric motor, and system control box. At predetermined spray times and duration, or by activation via remote control, the master unit pumps insecticide or repellent through nylon tubing and precision spray nozzles. The resulting fine mist creates a "protection zone" of defense against mosquitoes and other flying insects.
System Components

    Analog / Digital: Initiates spray cycle based on times set on traditional light timer (either analog dial type or digital) for the duration selected on a rotary dial. Includes remote control for on-demand spraying. Timer is has battery back-up for reliable spray times. Simple, reliable, easy to understand package include one button remote control for end user supplemental spray.


    We use only stainless steel nozzle tips with nickel plated bronze bodies in either larger Standard style or the newer and smaller Slimline style. All nozzles have anti-drip assemblies built in.
    Fittings are available in either nickel plated brass or composite and feature push to connect tube grips for easy installation.
    Stationery risers are constructed of copper tubing and allow for misting to be directed straight up or at a 45° angle. Risers are available with Standard or Slimline tips in either 1/4" Copper with black coating or 1/2" raw copper tubing for a high-end look
    Each CoastalMister features remote control capability for activation at times of increased activity. Features of the R1G Digital remote control include being able to turn the system On and Off, as well as mist remotely.

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CoastalMister 55 Gallon Digital w/On/Off/Mist Remote & Cover

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