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Auto Misting System Design Examples
There are many ways, tips and techniques to install an automatic insect control system. Nozzles are most commonly placed in areas that offer the highest rate of adult insect reduction. Please call us, we are here for you 365 days a year, and we can assist with a no charge layout of your area so that you have exactly what you need to install your system.  We have had over 12 years experience coaching other on installation.  You CAN do it!  We can help.
In residential settings a variety of methods can be used to achieve lower mosquito populations. Attaching spray nozzles to fence lines, deck railings, in hedges, trees or on retaining walls can accomplish the goal of perimeter control. Some yards do not lend themselves to these applications. For yards that have limited landscaping or attaching structures, copper riser nozzles are the best option. For maximum effectiveness the insecticide needs to treat as much of a yard as possible.
Indoor insect control within a horse barn can be accomplished by this simple formula, one spray nozzles for every 1000 cubic feet. Although 1000 cubic feet is ideal, more commonly one nozzle is installed to cover a 12' x 12' stall. Ceiling height can be as high as 14-16 feet. Placing spray nozzles in livestock stalls and aisle doorways is most important for controlling breeding insects. Adding spray nozzles to the entire aisle ways and alleyways will help to control insects, but is not required.
Deer Pens
Deer pens or other large outdoor areas can achieve successful control of insects when spray nozzles are installed on a side of a property with prevailing winds. Winds help to carry the insecticide spray droplets further within the property. This technique has proven to be an effective method of application for large open areas. We recommend the 125 Gallon systems for this application.
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Residential Installation Layouts
Residential Diagram #1
Residential Diagram #2
Residential Diagram #3
Residential Diagram #4
Residential Diagram #5
Livestock Facilities
Horse Stable #1
Horse Stable #2
Horse Stable #3
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Poultry Barn
Layer House #1
Deer Pens
Deer Pens
Commercial Applications
Hotel Garbage Chute