COASTAL MISTER 55 Gallon Analog Hybrid without Remote & Cover

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The CoastalMister™ is a reliable, high-quality mosquito mister system designed to eliminate mosquitoes and all other insects in the outdoor spaces of your home. Its gentle routine won’t be distracting or burdensome. Since it sprays a low dosage at multiple, pre-planned times each day, the CoastalMister™ provides continuous coverage and protection without being invasive. Most other mosquito control methods are only applied every few weeks or months. Their efficacy is reduced over time, especially after it rains, which is often when you need mosquito protection most. Not to mention you and your pets would typically be locked inside for a couple hours till the harsh smell eases. With the low dosage program from CoastalMister™, you can enjoy your own yard comfortably any day, any time.

The CoastalMister™ gently delivers a timed spray of diluted insecticide to the necessary areas. As it mists, the CoastalMister™ eliminates mosquitoes and other flying insects within the protected zone. Your certified CoastalMister™ dealer will work with you to customize a system that best suits the needs of your home. The CoastalMister™ system is available in multiple color options, and is designed to blend well with your backyard surroundings. Our certified dealers are trained to install it so it is aesthetically pleasing. Installation will be determined through evaluating the desired coverage area’s square footage, and any special features like pools and fountains, outdoor kitchens, seating areas, and other elements.

CoastalMister Note: We have found that our pumps do NOT need a float switch.  They can run up to 12 times a day at 1 minuet each with no problems. If you wish to have a float switch installed you made add it as an option

Create a fly or mosquito free zone.

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COASTAL MISTER 55 Gallon Analog Hybrid without Remote & Cover

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