COASTAL MISTER 55 Gallon Analog Hybrid w/On/Off/Mist, Remote & Cover

Limited offer, Free Shipping and includes a Mosquito Mist Ultra refill

Ships with 1 quart of Mosquito Mist Ultra
Target Pests: Mosquito Mist Ultra will control mosquitoes, biting flies, biting midges, horse flies, deer flies, stable flies, gnats and more. For more target pests please refer to the label.

    Mix Rate: You can mix this product at a rate of 0.58 ounces to 64 ounces depending on tank size and desired dilution rate. The rate depends on your desired application rate and dilution ratio. For more specific application rates please refer to the label.
    Time to Kill: The time to kill depends on the affected pests. Some can die in as little as 30 minutes while others can take a few hours.

The CoastalMisterâ„¢ gently delivers a timed spray of diluted insecticide to the necessary areas. As it mists, the CoastalMisterâ„¢ eliminates mosquitoes and other flying insects within the protected zone. We will work with you to customize a system that best suits the needs of your Barn or yard. The CoastalMisterâ„¢ system is available in multiple color options, and is designed to blend well with your backyard surroundings. Our certified dealers are trained to install it so it is aesthetically pleasing. Call Linda to ask for help designing your system (706-614-5466)

CoastalMister Note: We have found that our pumps do NOT need a float switch.  They can run up to 12 times a day at 1 minuet each with no problems. If you wish to have a float switch installed you made add it as an option

Coastal System Operating Manual.pdf

Coastal Digital Timer Instructions.pdf

Coastal Hybrid-Analog-Timer-Instructions.pdf

Coastal How-To-Winterize-A-System.pdf

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COASTAL MISTER 55 Gallon Analog Hybrid w/On/Off/Mist, Remote & Cover

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